During the time, we developed a concrete analytic methodology, which attributes specific results and in which we incorporated our experiences and new modern technologies.

We undertake the analysis of processes and operations of each company, we propose feasible solutions and participate in their implementation, in their scope of total or partial reengineering.

We are specialized in projects that concerns in:

  • Logistics (supplies/markets, warehouse organization and lay outs, distributions networks, etc) aiming at the reduction of functionality cost.
  • Planning and control of productive systems, aiming at the exploitation of available company's resources.
  • Quality of the company and its products, reaching up to the creation of required infrastructure for ISO certification.
  • Strategy issues, locality and enterprising information, aiming at the achieved course of enterprise through fast and achieved decisions managing.
  • Hygiene and safety issues in the work, Project management, maintainance of productive equipment, etc



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